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Inbound Transportation Management and Control: Low Hanging Fruit and How to Grab It

Executive Summary

In most organizations, the cost of transportation is equal to or greater than the combined costs of warehousing, order entry and customer service. In addition to its recognition as an enormous expense, freight transportation is the “corporate life bloodline to the marketplace” and has been a precursor to the shrinking or "flattening" of the world.

As the supply chain becomes more refined and integrated, its management has an even greater impact on the bottom line. Every dollar allocated to transportation and materials management must be ultra efficient. When it comes to managing your transportation program, the overriding theme must be control yet, many organizations have not applied the same efforts to inbound transportation management as they have to outbound management, making it a great opportunity for efficiency and cost savings.

This white paper will identify and discuss the most important, perhaps simplest of steps necessary to improve Inbound Transportation Management as well as the opportunities that this improvement will yield.