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The Freight Transportation Value Proposition

Executive Summary

If an excellent product, at a competitive price; timely and accurate information; and superior customer service are the essential elements for success, why have only but a very few astute companies availed themselves of the business discipline most capable of achieving these objectives? Identifying those business disciplines that could best influence corporate success and performance may not even include transportation in the first, second or even third pass, and if transportation were finally identified, it would probably be recognized for only one of its many dimensions.

Unlocking the enormous potential of transportation’s vast resources is a critical success factor and an achievable goal!

Long considered a single function, whose description is limited to that portion of the industrial process that begins with the placement of freight on or in a container and ending with its offloading, freight transportation’s robust opportunities and benefits have remained well below the industrial radar for all but a few perceptive companies. Focusing the interdisciplinary intelligence on freight transportation holds the promise of unleashing a powerful corporate resource whose subsequent strength will continue to maximize the individual departmental capabilities while driving down costs and improving operations.